Sydney 8Ball Masters

Sydney 8Ball Masters

  • November 2, 2018 - November 4, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to the Sydney 8 Ball Masters another CueWorld premium event. Raising the bar is always the goal for event promoters and CueWorld have set the bar high with this event, attracting CASH sponsors, Red Bull Girls, Match Streams and World Class Commentary with Barry "The Mule" Mavros. If you see Barry doing the rounds, make sure you visit him in the media booth to catch up with him and do an interview. Barry will be assisted by Kate "KT180" Harrison will be roaming the tournament room taking photos of the action, if you want a photo in the media booth with some friends let her know I'm sure she will oblige.

The tournament will be spearheaded by Marvin "The Mayor" Monzon as Tournament Director with his trusty compadre "Lord" Langa Solofoni as one of the Tournament Staff, most of the local Sydney pool players know these two gents and they are well respected and liked by all in the community. The event has been specially formatted to be known as the "no excuse format" with the group stage having five players per group including one SEED and four players progressing to the knockout stage, not too bad considering the staggered entry fee based on skill levels.

This event is strictly limited to 100 players and will attract some big names to compete for the $4000 prize money in the final. Over $3500 has now been added to the event thanks to our fantastic sponsors - Direct Steel, Tenpin City, CueWorld, Kamui and Predator Cues. Across the three days of the tournament CueWorld will be organizing a Predator Cue raffle along with some Kamui prize packs including the brand new ROKU chalk. We have also added a Calcutta for the tournament for all the punters out there that like the action. We will be selling eight groups of 8 players in the final 64 stage, so everyone can get a few horses in the race to the final table.

Justin Sajich has already put his name down for this event as the recent champion of the CueWorld Classic in July 2018 he is looking forward to another title to add to his ever-growing trophy cabinet, who is going to step up and stop the Juzzanaught from taking the cash?



8 x Diamond 7ft Tables, Cyclop Balls, CPBA Cloth.


WPA 8 Ball Rules (except foul on break, CB is Ball in Hand)

Alternate Break, Rack your own.

Thanks to our event sponsors


Dress Code

Dark Shoes, Dark trousers (no Jeans), Polo or collared shirt.


Round Robin Groups (5) Race to 4.

Knockout stage R5/R5/R5/R7/R9/R11


General Information

$3500 Cash added to the event, $4ooo in final.

Seed 20 players into 20 groups.

Seeds are determined by Fargo Rate or the Tournament Organisers, who have final say on who be seeded and what class of player they are.

Entry Fees

Seeded Player: $150 Top 20

State Title Holders: $110 (if not within seeded players)

Intermediate: $80

Local Legend: $50

A late fee of $30 applies to entries taken after 5pm on the 26th October and entries will close on the 31st of October. If any spots remaining when draw is done they will be posted and late fee will apply to remaining spots. A reserve list will be available also.


Session 1A

Friday 2nd November 7:00pm


4 Groups of 5 players

1 seed per group, Winner of group gains the ranking seed

Top 4 through to Saturday/Sunday Knockout.

Race to 4 round robin stage.

Session 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E

Saturday 3rd November


Groups of 5 with a seeded player in each.

Winner of group gains the ranking seed.

Top 4 of each group through to Saturday/Sunday Knockout,

Race to 4 in round robin stage.

Saturday Group session times:

Group 1: 9:30 AM

Group 2: 12:00 PM

Group 3: 2:30 PM

Group 4: 5:00 PM

End of Group Stage.


Knockout stage of 32 players commences 7:30 PM Saturday evening 3rd November. Players for Saturday evening session will be advised if they are required to play to make final 64 SUNDAY.

Knockout Stage

Sunday 4th November

Final 64

Single Elimination

Race to 5/5/5/7/9/11

Rack your own, Alternate Break

Each session group will be allocated 2 tables to complete their matches.

Quarter Final
Final 16
Final 32
Final 64

Race to 11
Race to 9
Race to 9
Race to 7
Race to 5
Race to 5

9:00 PM
7:30-9:00 PM
6:00-7:30 PM
4:30-5:30 PM
2:00-3:30 PM, 3:30-4:30 PM
9:30-1030 AM, 10:30-11:30 AM, 11:30-12:30 PM, 12:30-130 PM



Player entry for the Inaugural Sydney 8 Ball Masters is now open.

To register, pay via Bank Deposit.

Bank: CBA

Account Name: CueWorld Events

BSB: 062 093

ACC: 1027 6122

By entering the 2018 Sydney 8-Ball Masters you agree to the terms of the Players Contract, which can be viewed here: 2018 Sydney 8-Ball Masters Players Contract



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