CueWorld Team

Marvin Monzon


Nationality: Philippines


Nick Name: The Mayor


Role at CueWorld Events: Tournament Director


Real Life Occupation: Registered Nurse


Time in Pool: 7 years


Best Result in Pool: Diamond League Team Champions.


Cues Used: Lucasi Custom LZ2008 butt, 12.9mm Predator REVO shaft and Predator BK3 break cue.


Role in Pool Community: Diamond League Player Rep for Lidcombe, former Committee Board Member Pool NSW Association.


Why did you join the CueWorld Events Team?


Reputable Australian company in cue-sports. The people at the head of the company and those within the crew have the right attitude towards the sport of pool and wanting the best for the players, spectators and the sport.

Langa Solofoni


Nationality: Tongan


Nick Name: The Lord


Role at CueWorld Events: Tournament Event Staff


Real Life Occupation: Real Estate Agent


Time in Pool: 3 years playing


Cues Used: Fury 1 and Prototype "The Bad Boy" break cue


Role in Pool Community: Diamond League Player Rep Lidcombe & Commentator


Why did you join the CueWorld Events Team?


My original goal was to start playing pool more seriously and to become an asset to my Dad when we went to Pub Comps and competed against some of Sydney's Best. Which has turned into a passion to not only improve my gameplay, but also to get a greater understanding of what the best look like and how I can play with them. This unique opportunity to join the Cueworld Events Team and I believe has helped me take my game to the next level and will continue to do so, as long as my passion for the game and how it's run stays aligned.

Barry Mavros


Nick Name: The Mule


Role at CueWorld Events: Events Promoter & Lead Commentator


Real life occupation: Fish market owner.


Time in pool: That’s a tricky question. 14 years at the age of 27, Before then I played Snooker for 8 years.


Cues Used: Currently play with the Predator Maesto with the 314-3 shaft, Break with the BK-Rush and Predator Air2 Jump Cue.


I still own most of my cues, Over the years I have given cues to my friends or students as gifts 🎁 I’ve owned 7 Predator cues, with every shaft there is. 1 Mezz, 3 Lucasi, 4 Fury, 1 Schon, 1 Meucci, 1 Falcon, 3 Players, 1 Aeon, 1 John Paris, 1 Peter Hanley, 1 craftsman, 3 Riley, 5 break cues, 5 jump cues. I owned and ran a pool room in Europe, and sold cues, but as you can see, I’m a bit of a collector.


Role in pool community: I’ve been in the pool scene here in Australia for two decades now. I ran and won my first tournament back in April 2001, that was a 64-player full draw event at a pool room i then worked in. I had a five-year break from the game, whilst I set up my first business and then I was straight back in again.


Commentating on every level of event in Australia, from state titles, Australian titles and Oceania titles. Commentating is my passion and pool is an integral part of my life. I joined the Pool NSW committee back in 09 as Vice President with no acting president. For the next two years the team turned it form a loss to a profit and ran three consecutive tournaments with 120+ players. I’ve worked alongside Kymton Cress from Cueball Tv for much of that time.


Why did you join the CueWorld Events Team?


I joined the CueWorld events team primarily because I am passionate about this sport and its community. It’s the players that make this sport special but without leaders and trail blazers nothing ever gets done and Stuart Rogers is one of those people who gets things done and gets things done the right way.


I have been one of the biggest supporters of CueWorld since day one when they first began in 2008 and I and the pool community have watched them grow and flourish. I too am a person that has contributed over the years too this wonderful sport, and I believe together with this team, @Marvin Monzon, @Langa Solofoni and whomever else we will attract along the way will be able to take pool to the next level here in Australia.

Kate Harrison


Nick Name: KT-180


Role at CueWorld Events: Photographer


Real life occupation: Senior Customer Service Rep


Time in pool: Started out like most players did, playing in the pub comps. I was 20 at the time, been playing now for close to 8 years.


Cues Used: I haven’t got a large collection of cues like others. I bought my very first cue which is a Predator Ikon 2 from Stuart Rogers. That was about 6 years ago and I’ve played with that cue ever since. Although I have updated the shaft to the Predator 314-3 which I absolutely love!


Role in pool community: I have only been around the game for about 7 years now so I haven’t really made a massive impact of the pool community. I have done a fair bit of photography work for CueWorld, Diamond League and also for Pool NSW.


Greatest Achievements: My greatest achievements would be all of my trips to Las Vegas. The first year I travelled I placed in the top 16 of my very first overseas tournaments. The following year I managed to win my division, which is currently my best result in pool. The most recent result would be 3rd in a higher division in Vegas, this was in 2017.


Why did I join the CueWorld events team?


The CueWorld crew were the very first to introduce me to the world of real pool. I started off playing in pubs and was completely unaware of the sport that was out there. I quickly developed a close and trusting friendship with the team. I have watched them run seamless events and develop the Diamond League into the prestige it is today. I chose to join this team as they are the front runners in the pool community and every step they take is to magnify this sport.

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