Sydney 10 Ball Masters Tournament report

Juzzanaught takes the triple Masters crown

Rob Carnell 15 August 2019.Photos courtesy of Dave” Pup” Gardner

Players from as far afield as New Zealand gathered for the third event of the Sydney Masters Triple Crown, while a few less players than normal, the field was excellent.

We wish to acknowledge and thank our Sponsors for their valued support of the Masters.

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As usual, the event was staged at “CueWorld Stadium” inside Tenpin City at Lidcombe in inner Western Sydney on eight 7ft Diamond Tables. This is a wonderful venue, and a licensed bar and fantastic food (the pizzas are my favorite!) add to the atmosphere. It is also great to be able to park your car right outside the doors, so full marks to the Tenpin City staff.

Marvin “The Mayor” was once again Tournament Director, and performed admirable in this usually thankless task, so thanks Marvin! We really appreciate your efforts. As customary with CueWorld events, there is a cue raffle running.Major prize is an awesome Predator Ikon 3-3 cue worth $2000 for first prize, with additional prizes of a Predator BK3 break cue valued at $800, and a Predator Urbain2x4 case for third prize.

The proceedings had the players allocated into groups of 4 players, with a seeded player in every group.A round robin was then conducted on Friday evening as well as all day Saturday to ensure that the final field was filled with top class cueists. A few players even came out of semi-retirement to take a tilt at the cash! This format really encourages players of all levels to enter, as everyone gets to play a minimum of 3 matches.Entry fees were based on Fargo Ratings, with higher rated players paying a higher entry fee.

FargoRate in the USA computes pocket-billiard player ratings called Fargo Ratings that rate amateur and professional players worldwide. Coupling game win/loss data across local leagues, regions, countries, and continents ensures players everywhere are rated on the same scale.

Fargo Ratings are shown in brackets. The following are the matches in the elimination stages

MaghmudSadien(499) won a hill/hill first match over Tom Cloos (575) but ran into Australian Number 1 Justin Sajich (762) in round 2, and was bested 6/2. Joey Tohme (502) won another hill/hill contest over Rob Carnell (510), and in turn lost to Darryl Maddock (649) 6/1.
Jake Stone (525) took out Simon Felice (456) 6/3, and then lost in his next round to Phil Mowbray (606) 6/1.Travis Crawley (664) played well to win 6/2 over Halim, then played even better to overturn Kenny Tirza (598) 6/2. Mohamad El-Chamiwent down to James Reyes (529) 6/3, but James ran into current US Open 10 Ball Champion Marco Teutscher (790) who triumphed 6/1. Big break specialist Shaun Oglesby (660) started well with a 6/0 win over Kristy Loudon, and followed up with another one sided contest over Jamie Walker (598) 6/1. Zack Atherton (586) won 6/3 over Kate Harrison (512), but then went down to Barry Mavros (643) 6/4.
The Sheriff – Stuart Rogers (544) beat John Hancock (502) 6/4, however Chris Kovacs (652) took him out 6/4.Christian Crawford (430) defeated Michael Mulhall (477) 6/3, but lost 6/0 to in World Cup of Pool representative player Danny Stone (666). Tom Shen (684) took out Dean O’Connell (556) 6/2 but fell to Chris Calabrese (683) in the second round.

In the final match of Round 1, Leon Yao (500) and Mohamad El-Rifai played a hill/hill match with Leon successful 6/5. Huss Kerde (679) played Leon in the second round, and triumphed 6/4.

There were a few Round 2 matches who had a bye in the First Round. Shawn Budd defeated Lorenzo Ruiz (594) 6/1. Maher El-Omari beat Gian Pelobello (544) 6/4. Andy Nguyen (680) took out Chris Mungoven (641) 6 games to 2, not putting a foot wrong. Chris mentioned after the match that he had two open shots at the table in the match and he ran those out, so Andy was breaking great and Chris had 2 dry breaks. Local Philippines sensation Macky Antony (627) beat John McDermott (576) 6/1.

Round 3 matches increased to a race to 7 games.

First match in Round 3 saw Justin Sajich (762) successful over Shawn Budd in a hill/hill match 7/6.

Darryl Maddock played some great pool to win over Phil Mowbray 7/1. Maher El-Omari and Travis Crawley fought out another hill/hill battle with Maher advancing 7/6.

Tournament favorite (and highest rated player at the tournament) Marco Teutscher (790),was pitted against heavy hitter Shaun Oglesby (660). Marco was successful in this battle 7/3.

Barry Mavros (643) our Live Stream commentator was matched against Andy Nguyen (680), with Andy taking the hill/hill match 7/6. Chris Kovacs (652) defeated Danny Stone (666) in a closely contested match 7/5.

Chris Calabrese (683) was successful againstMacky Antony (627) 7/4, with Macky showing some real great strategy to push Chris. John Wims (639) continued on his winning way over Huss Kerde (679) 7/4.

Round 4 was the Quarter Finals.

Justin Sajich (763)was drawn against Darryl Maddock (649) and was successful 7/3. Maher El-Omari draw March Teutscher (790), and Marco took the match 7/4. Andy Nguyen (680)took out Chris Kovacs (652) 7/4, and in the final match, John Wims (639)defeated Chris Calabrese (683) 7/6 in what was probably the best match of the tournament so far.

Round 5 The Semi Finals.

What a start, this match was the most anticipated across the entire event with the highest Fargo rated players of the tournament matched head to head. Marco Teutscher (790) took the early lead over Justin Sajich (763), but Justin fought back hard to take the match 8 games to 7 in a real cliff-hanger, keeping his dream alive to gain the 1st triple crown of these events. The live stream had close to 300 LIVE viewers and peaked with over 10,000 views what a great advertisement for our sport!

John Wims (639) continued to play almost flawless pool with a dominating 8/1 win over Andy Nguyen (680).Andy mentioned after the match that his break wasn’t working and that he had his chances but just didn’t capitalize and acknowledged John was playing great pool and was running out from everywhere!

The Final.

The two best performed players of the day, Justin Sajich (763) and John Wims (639) met in the final. But it seemed that John had lost some wind out of his sails, while Justin powered through to take the tournament out with a score of 9 games to 3. Taking home 1st Prize of $2500, Justin gave a fist pump and wave to the crowds and cameras as he took the Triple Crown down, what a feat against some quality opponents.

John was not short changed either taking home $1500for his efforts, and has hit the scene well with his comeback in 18-19 we expect to see even more of Mr. John Wims in the near future, even Darren Appleton knew of John back in the UK which says heaps given Darren’s credentials. John was kind enough to send the CueWorld Events team a nice message of thanks to all involved and said he is really enjoying these events and his pool, glad to have you back with us John.

There was a fantastic suite of LIVE matches streamed to Facebook and these are now available on YouTube. Commentators were “the mule” Barry Mavros and Jamie Williams, with occasional assistance from Langa Solofoni and even the Sheriff. They all did a great job as per usual.

We were very fortunate to have CueWorld Pro Player and Diamond League ambassador former multiple World Champion Darren Appleton online from the UK to answer questions live on the stream and give some insights in regard to the matches. This was really informative, and the viewers loved it. Tune into the next CueWorld Events stream!

Once again, the team at CueWorld Events succeeded in running a professional tournament, and entries numbers continue to climb with every event. Thanks to all the CueWorld Events team across the 3 days.

Look out for the 2nd Sydney 8 Ball Masters weekend of 1-2-3 November which is surely going to be sell out! See you all there in November. Under the watchful gaze of the Sheriff, American Pool in Australia is growing quickly, get on board!

If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor of these events and get your brand out there, please contact us on the CueWorld FB Page for more information.


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