8 ball terms and condition

8 ball terms and condition

I hereby accept the offer made by CueWorld to play in the 2018 Sydney 8Ball Masters and agree to the conditions of entry annexed hereto and abide by the rules contained therein.

Terms and Conditions:

⦁ It is a fundamental term of this agreement that every match is conducted in a completely fair basis and that there is no overt or covert collusion between Players that could affect the result of any match at any time. In the event any unusual betting activity/patterns are identified which suggest inappropriate activity involving any Player or Players, the Promoter shall have the absolute right to immediately disqualify any Player or Players. The Player or Players concerned shall forfeit any Prize Money earned in the Event and the matter will be reported to the WPA and any relevant Gambling Commissions for further disciplinary action as felt appropriate. Players shall not be permitted to place bets on any match in the Event.
⦁ The Event Director shall have the absolute right to disqualify a Player from the Event at any time for any breach of these Conditions of Entry or the Event Rules or for any behavior which in the Event Director’s opinion is prejudicial to the good name of the Event or its Sponsors or Promoter. There will be no smoking in the designated match arena, by players or officials, for the duration of the match including breaks and time outs.
⦁ If any Player has any complaint to make regarding any Event business, that complaint must be registered with the Event Director or his agent in writing within sixty minutes of the end of the Player’s match. The Player shall not give details of any such complaint to the Press or Media or any Third Party until such time as the matter has been fully investigated by the Event Director.
⦁ It is the players responsibility to provide their own travel insurance to cover them against injuries or illness, regardless of tournaments location.
⦁ CueWorld and or affiliate shall not be liable to the players for prize money or otherwise if the Tournament or any part of it is cancelled or postponed, or if the promoter of sponsor withdraws or fails to pay sums due to CueWorld and or affiliate in respect of a Tournament.
⦁ No player will knowingly procure frame or match scores from another player, in order to gain placement at a level above there demonstrated ability on the day of tournament, or to displace another player from a finals spot, or to put themselves at an advantage or other.
⦁ If a player is not ready and able to commence play at the scheduled time, he/she will forfeit one frame immediately and the match being declared after 15 minutes.
⦁ Players must not leave the play area after commencement of play or without the permission of the event staff. Players must return within a reasonable time. If a player fails to do so, the Tournament Director after consultation, may award the frame to the opponent.
⦁ The Tournament Director may reschedule any match to another time, if the match is not completed in the scheduled time, The Tournament Director has the absolute discretion to require the match to be completed on any table available and to decide the time when play will commence.
⦁ A player will be allowed 15 minutes to re-tip their cue only if it becomes loose, damaged or comes off.
⦁ The referee in charge of a match will be the judge and adjudicator for the match. No player may call a foul shout on an opponent. In the event that a shot going to be played may have an uncertain outcome, the match should be halted and a referee should be brought in to adjudicate on the shot.
⦁ The Tournament Director, decision is final, they will allocate any practice time if applicable.
⦁ Players are not entitled to take more than 2 time outs during a match and can only do so when it is there break on approach to the table.
⦁ Players must play at a reasonable and proper pace. The Tournament Director at their discretion may introduce a time clock on a match. A 45 second time will be allowed per shot with a warning at 30 seconds.
⦁ Any person not attired to the satisfaction of the Tournament Director will not be allowed to commence their match until the clothing issue is resolved. See Dress Code.
⦁ Dress Code. Dress Pants, Collared Shirt (polo is fine), Dark Shoes (joggers ok as long as black)
⦁ Players may be required by CueWorld to participate in photo, video session(s). Players acknowledge that the CueWorld has complete ownership of these images and media and reserves the right to use such publicity photos, videos and/or films in any medium and in any reasonable manner it sees fit, unless that player advises CueWorld, at the time of entering the relevant event, that they wish to retain their anonymity.
⦁ ANY prize pool splits between participants will be considered a 3-WAY split between the 2 players and the tournament director.
⦁ ALL payouts will be via EFT.

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