CueWorld Classic Report

CueWorld Classic Report

The Cueworld Classic is an event that is highly anticipated open tournament positioned between the Summer and Winter seasons of the Diamond League in Sydney. Most players that compete in this short race to two format, are forced to show the play and shot making abilities while showing great competitive spirit against some of NSW / Australia's best, its fast and furious and its anyone's game.

The format is very tight with short races, with upsets occasionally occurring, however the players are afforded a life to help them get though the field of 64 players on the first day hoping to progress into the second days proceedings. The single elimination format is a race to four so the stronger players certainly show their wares. There were some cash bounties on some top players, and a few of these were picked up during the second day by Jamie "Texas" Walker and Ivan " I must break u" Liu both gentlemen snagged a few extra dollars, noting sweeter than beating a quality opponent and getting paid for it too!

Players were also treated to side events that allowed players to display;
1. Their Break Ability with the BIGGEST BREAK.
2. Pot the Lot, Clear up multiple racks without missing.

Congratulations to our Side Event winners;
1. Michael Mulhall; Winner of the Biggest Break competition taking home a Poison VS Break Jump Cue, a happy man indeed.
2. Fili Evangelia; Winner of the Pot the Lot Competition

After all was said and done, and some highly contested matches, the final saw Justin Sajich Vs. Danny Stone two great players face off in a highly anticipated Final. Once again, the Juzzanaut was able to take the win and continued to show why he is one, if not the best in Australia at the moment. Commiserations to Danny who was Justin's WCOP Qualifier partner in 2018. Check out the stream of the final here >>>> link coming soon

From All of the CueWorld Events staff, we wish all players the best of luck and see you at one of the many events we have in stored this season.

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